Local information

Within this page you can find all the information about the conference location, accomodation and public transportation and the directions to reach the conference place.


The event will be held in the nice city of Milan, which offers its visitors a beautiful historical environment. The conference location will be the Politecnico di Milano university.

Politecnico di Milano

The Politecnico di Milano was established in 1863 by a group of scholars and entrepreneurs belonging to prominent Milanese families. Today, the Institution is ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading research institution worldwide.

Politecnico di Milano is composed of different campus spead over the north of Italy. The conference will be held in the rooms of the Institution, located in the heart of "Città Studi" (city of the universities), as shown in the map below.

How to reach us

The Politecnico di Milano is well connected and can be reached by public transports or taxi.

The complete address of the conference location is:

Politecnico di Milano

Via Bonardi 1

20133 Milano

Classroom Rogers (ground floor of building 11)

Reaching us by taxi

It is a 10-15 min. trip from Linate airport and from Central Station. It takes about 1 hour from Malpensa airport. Approximate costs: about 20 Euro from Linate, 85 Euro from Malpensa, about 20 Euro from Central Station.

Reaching us by public transportation
  • From Linate airport

    Take bus No. 73 toward "San Babila" for 8 stops (hop off at "V.le Campania V.le Corsica"). Then take bus No. 93 toward "Isonzo - Lotto" for 6 stops (hop off at "V.le Romagna-P.le Piola"). Walk for about 300 meters toward Piazza Leonardo da Vinci.

  • From the Malpensa Airport

    Take the Malpensa Express train into Milano, Stazione Nord (prices and timetables at www.malpensaexpress.it). Once there, take subway line 2 (green line) and follow the above indications. The approximate time to reach the conference location is 1 hour and a half. As another option, there is a bus service from the airport to Central Station (train station): this second trip takes usually longer.

  • From Central Station (train station - FS)

    Take subway line 2 (green line) toward Piola (Cologno/Gobba/Gessate direction). Once you are outside, follow the indications toward Politecnico.

Conference rooms

All the paper, poster and keynote presentations will be performed at the Classroom Rogers.

The posters will be shown in Classroom Gamma, the suggested size and format is A0 portrait. We encourage the authors to keep their poster displayed during all the days of the conference. Authors can bring their poster during the early registration on July 9, 2018 or before the short paper session on July 10, 2018.

The bootcamp on Chiesel HDL on July 9, 2018 and the workshop on FPGA-based Accelerated Cloud Computing on July 13, 2018 will be held at Classroom Y.1.

Poster Printing Service

The conference will not provice any printing service. We can suggest you two locations to print out your posters. Please consider you have to manage the printing by yourself; we are not involved as conference organizers with the following contacts.


In order to obtain the Politecnico di Milano rates for the hotel that have an agreement, please contact the hotel directly either by phone or email.

  • Hotel Dieci **** (Agreement with Politecnico di Milano)
    Largo Rio de Janeiro, 12 - 20133 Milano
    Ph. +39 02-70608180
    Fax +39 02-26684206
    http://www.hoteldieci.it/en/ | e-mail: info@hoteldieci.it
  • Hotel Lombardia **** (Agreement with Politecnico di Milano)
    Viale Lombardia, 74/76 - 20131 Milano
    Ph. +39 02-2824849
    Fax: +39 02-2893430
    http://hotellombardia.com/en/ | e-mail: info@hotellombardia.com
  • Hotel Gamma *** (Agreement with Politecnico di Milano)
    Via Valvassori Peroni, 85 - 20133 Milano
    Tel. +39 02 26413152
    Fax +39 02 2640255
    http://hotelgammamilano.it/en/ | e-mail: info@hotelgammamilano.it

    Very close (about 50 mt) to the subway and railway station LAMBRATE (line 2 = green) The hotel is located at a 10-min walking distance from the conference
  • BW Plus Hotel Galles Milano ****
    P.zzale Lima, 2 - 20124 Milano
    Ph.: +39 02-204841
    Fax +39 02-2048422
    Free number from Italy 24 hours a day 800 012 290
    http://www.galles.it/en/ | e-mail: info@galles.it
  • Hotel Sanpi ****
    Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 18, Milano
    Ph.: +39 02-29513341
    Fax +39 02-29402451
    http://www.hotelsanpimilano.it/ | e-mail: info@hotelsanpimilano.it
  • Hotel Mediolanum ****
    Via Mauro Macchi, 1 - Milano
    Ph.: +39 02-6705312
    Fax: +39 02-66981921
    http://www.hotelmediolanummilano.it/ | e-mail: info@mediolanumhotel.com
  • Hotel Albert ***
    Via Tonale 2, 20125 Milano (close to the Central Station)
    Ph.: +39 02-66985446
    Fax. +39 02-66985624
    http://www.alberthotel.it | e-mail: info@alberthotel.it
  • Hotel Canada ***
    Via S. Sofia, 16 - 20122 Milano
    Ph.: +39 02-58304844
    Fax. +39 02-58300282
    http://www.canadahotel.it/ | e-mail: info@canadahotel.it
  • Hotel Palazzo delle Stelline ***
    Corso Magenta, 61 - 20123 Milano
    Ph. +39 02-4818431
    Fax +39 02-48194281
    http://www.hotelpalazzostelline.it/en/index.htm | e-mail: info@hotelpalazzostelline.it
  • Hotel Trentina **
    Via Filippino Lippi, 50 - 20139 Milano
    Ph.:. +39 02-2361208 / +39 02-2361326
    Fax +39 02-2361297
    http://www.htrentina.it/index_en.asp | e-mail: info@htrentina.it
  • Hotel Lugano ***
    Via Astolfo, 6 - Milano
    Tel. +39 02-2663000
    Fax +39 02-26680317
    http://www.luganohotel.net/en/index.asp | e-mail: info@luganohotel.net

    Very close (about 200-300 mt) to the subway and railway station LAMBRATE (line 2 = green). The hotel is located at a 10-min walking distance from the conference
  • Hotel Vienna ***
    Via Astolfo, 5 - Milano
    Tel. +39 02-2663626
    Fax +39 02-70636057
    http://www.hotelviennamilano.com/description.asp | e-mail: info@hotelviennamilano.com

    Very close (about 200-300 mt) to the subway and railway station LAMBRATE (line 2 = green). The hotel is located at a 10-min walking distance from the conference
  • Hotel St. George ****
    V.le Tunisia, 9 - Milano
    Tel. +39 02-29516375
    Fax +39 02-2043852
    http://www.hotelstgeorge.it/en/home-page.aspx | e-mail: info@hotelstgeorge.it

    The hotel is located very close to the Buenos Aires shopping district and connected via subway to the city center (10 min to Duomo). It is very close (about 150 mt = 2 min walking distance) to the subway station PORTA VENEZIA (line 1 = red). It is directly connected with the Department by trolley bus #33 (about 10-15 min). Or by subway with change in LORETO (15 min total) + 5 min walking distance from the dept.